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Top Tips | To Remember Your Reusable Shopping Bags


We've all been there this past few weeks... you get to the checkout and realise you've forgotten your reusable bags!

Your options... you either balance all your groceries precariously in your arms (and every pocket you have)... or you purchase some more reusable bags to add to your growing collection!

Nobody wants to find themselves in that situation, so here's our top tips to help you remember those all important bags!

  • Start your shopping list with ‘bags’ so you remember to bring them with you when you shop.
  • Stash reusable bags in your car, your most used handbags, your nappy bag, the pram, the basket of your bike and anywhere else you might need them.
  • After you unpack your shopping, put your reusable bags back in your car or bag so they are ready for next time.
  • If you do leave your bags in the car put your trolley aside and walk out to get them. After losing your place in line a few times you will start to remember those bags! Or, put the items back in the trolley and bag them when you get to the car!
  • If you have an IPhone you can set a 'reminder' to alert you when you 'arrive' at a location (enter store address).