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Well done to Bassendean Primary School's 'Kidpreneurs'!


On Saturday, September 20 Hawaiian Bassendean was excited to welcome Years 6 and 7 students from Bassendean Primary School to sell handmade items as part of the ‘kidpreneur’ program. It was fantastic to have them in the centre and Hawaiian looks forward to further opportunities to support the school and its students.

Below is a wrap up of the experience from teachers Andrea Webb, Matt Austin and Leanne McArthur.

“Wow, what an amazing journey we have been on with Market Day at Bassendean Shopping Village!

It all started with one email about the possibility of us selling our handmade products by the year 6 and 7 children of Bassendean Primary at our local shopping centre. With Hawaiian eagerly jumping on board, the Market date was set. It was then up to us to complete our Kidpreneur $50 Challenge with the ultimate goal to raise money for charity by designing, creating, adjusting prototypes, packaging and pricing of our products.

Last Saturday we had our Market Day and what an exciting day it was! The students proudly set up their micro businesses to entice customers to buy their wares. The kidpreneurs where excited, focused and a little nervous about the big day.

We had many customers coming in to look and enquire about the reason for the children making and selling their products. The teachers were very proud of students responding to these enquires in such a polite and thoughtful manner. Some of the shop owners themselves came to talk to children and buy their products with Bassendean Fresh sending a platter of fruit to ‘keep them going!’

After our Market Day we have reviewed what it means to be successful in our micro-business. The children have decided it was not just about profit. What has made it a success is how we worked in teams, the effort and time we put in, the quality of our work, thinking outside of the box, and how we approach people. These are some very worthy values for our year 6 and 7’s to be moving on to high school with.

We cannot thank the people of Bassendean as well as Bassendean Shopping Village enough for all their support, encouragement and understanding. Because of the generosity of the people purchasing our small handcrafted items we were able to raise $607 for their charity. This is an amazing effort when you consider our items were mostly priced between $1 and $3. 

We hope to continue this journey and look forward to seeing you next year for our second round of Bassendean Primary kidpreneurs!”