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The Christmas We’ll Never Forget


This year Hawaiian and Foodbank WA will help thousands of people have a brighter Christmas thanks to your generous donations to the Hawaiian Gold Giving Box at Hawaiian's Mezz, located in front of Pete's Multiservice.

While Theresa works incredibly hard to support her family, she is one of those people. Here’s her story.

Theresa is both a volunteer at Foodbank WA and someone who’s been grateful for their long-term support.

Eight years ago, Theresa’s daughter and oldest grandchild were killed in a car accident. Two of her grandchildren survived the crash but were left with varying degrees of emotional and physical damage.

Theresa became a Share Carer for the children, aged 3 and 5, with their father. Times were tough as she was a single grandparent receiving no support payments. Local charity, Wanslea Family Services, offered to help – and as part of their support, put Theresa in touch with Foodbank WA who provided her with access to food support for herself and her grandchildren.

Grateful for Foodbank’s support, Theresa became a volunteer for the organisation and not only enjoys helping others, but values the friendships and networks she has formed.

Today, Theresa is the full-time career and custodian of the children who are now 14 and 12. She now receives benefits, but being able to shop at Foodbank makes her dollar go further and allows her to support the needs of her growing teenage grandchildren.

Theresa is typical of the people who need Foodbank’s support. A tragic accident, an unexpected event or simply losing your job can happen to anyone. You might find yourself in a situation where you have to assume full or part time care of your grandchildren without warning. Support systems like Foodbank and Wanslea then become essential to help make ends meet.

Grandparents like Theresa access the equivalent of more than 300,000 meals a year from Foodbank.

Any money saved on food can be used by grand carers for other essential items to allow their grandchildren to participate more fully in school and life. Foodbank also ensures they get access to healthier food and meals than they may otherwise be able to afford.

If you can, please donate to the Hawaiian Gold Giving Box before Thursday 24 December and give someone, like Theresa, a Christmas they will never forget.