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Attadale Vet Clinic | Pet of the Month


Attadale Vet Clinic has chosen Skeeter as pet of the month for June. Here is Skeeter’s story!

Skeeter is a gorgeous red heeler who is a regular patient at Attadale Vet Clinic. Most recently, Skeeter’s owner brought him to see Attadale Vet Clinic as he had developed a few lumps. As Skeeter is an older dog, the vet recommended doing a pre-anaesthetic blood test to check his liver and kidney function before they booked him for surgery.

The results of Skeeter’s blood test showed that his liver wasn’t functioning as well as it should be. The vet chose to put him on a medication to protect his liver for a couple of weeks before they had him in to surgically remove the lumps.

While Skeeter was in surgery for his lump removal, the vet also did an ultrasound and x-ray of his abdomen to have a closer look at his liver and spleen. The imaging showed that Skeeter had masses in his spleen.

After talking to his owner, the vet decided to hold off on the lump removal to remove Skeeter’s spleen instead as it contained two large masses. The spleen was sent away for testing to determine the nature of the masses.

Skeeter stayed in hospital for the next couple of days following the survey for close monitoring and has recovered very well. The results confirmed that the masses were benign and Skeeter is happy to be at home and is on his way to making a full recovery from his surgery.