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Atrial Fibrillation Screening


Atrial Fibrillation is a prevalent and dangerous health arrhythmia problem that affects more than 460,000 Australians. For people living with atrial fibrillation, the risk of stroke is 5-6 times greater than the general population and the risk of mortality can increase by up to 90%. It is estimated that the costs of atrial fibrillation to the Australian economy are at least AU$1.25 billion per year, with approximately 60% of these costs resulting from stroke and heart failure.

Early diagnosis is crucial and that is why, screening events like we are doing on Tuesday, play such an important part in optimising the health outcomes of the Noranda Community. 

Summary of what is happening:
1. Our Pharmacists will be using a mobile ECG device
2. The information recorded will be sent to a central database, and the results accessed and reviewed by cardiologists
3. You, the patient will be emailed, or if not emailed, you will be called with your results.

This is a key opportunity for all Noranda residents who have had heart disease incidents or scares or have a family history of heart disease to put their minds at ease by having a quick, effective, screening test.

Please take this opportunity by ringing us on 92766460 or popping into the Pharmacy and discussing it with one of our knowledgeable and always available Pharmacists.