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Pet of the Month at Attadale Vet Clinic


This month Attadale Vet Clinic has awarded Australian Shepherd Ziggy Pet of the Month! Read below for Ziggy's story. 

Ziggy, the Australian Shepherd, was brought into Attadale Vet Clinic when her owner noticed that her left eye seemed to be irritated by something and it was causing fur loss around the eye.

After a consultation with the vet and a good look at Ziggy, it was decided that she would need to be sedated so the vet could collect a sample through skin scraping. The result came back positive for Demodex.

Demodex is a skin disease, generally in young dogs caused by the mite Demodex Canis. Demodectic mites of various species live on the bodies of virtually every adult dog and most human beings without causing any harm or irritation. These mites are very tiny (0.25mm) and live inside hair follicles. The mites are transferred from mother to puppy in their first week of life and generally do not cause any problems. Unfortunately some dogs can be sensitive to the mites and lesion can occur from an overpopulation. Usually this will happen after four months of age.

All signs were pointing towards Ziggy having localised demodectic mange. Localised means that she had less than five lesions, in her case she only had the one around her eye. Generalised demodectic mange means that the patient has more than five lesions involving the whole body. Generalised is a more serious case and requires a lengthy treatment process.

Lucky for Ziggy hers is localised and will hopefully eventually clear up on its own. The vet also suggested Ziggy to be treated with Advocate, a topical flea and worming treatment that also helps treat and control Demodex canis. Ziggy’s owners are applying this every two weeks and will need to continue to bring Ziggy in for close monitoring to ensure no more lesions appear. So far so good for Ziggy but it may take many months for the Demodex to be fully resolved and she will require more skin scraping to confirm that she is in the clear.

Ziggy has been a trooper and does not seem bothered by her lesion at all. We wish her a speedy recovery and are proud to announce that she is this month’s Pet of the Month.