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Hub plants the seeds of change for area to blossom


MT Hawthorn will soon receive a much-needed bolster thanks to a passionate group led by local business owners.

The inner-city ‘burb will host two late night shopping events in December this year and April next year designed to inject some action into the once-bustling Scarborough Beach Road retail-cafe strip.

Soletta shoe storeowner Tina Burkett founded the Mt Hawthorn Hub with Carla Totaro of The Annex boutique and the City of Vincent.

“We don’t have late night shopping here on the street – no one stays open. I used to open until 10pm on Thursdays, I was so busy, and now I don’t bother because it’s just really quiet,” Mrs Burkett told Guardian Express.

“We thought we would do Up Late in Mt Hawthorn – a shopping night with specials – four times a year. Hopefully, it will include pop-up bars, fashion shows and entertainment, and restaurants will serve street food out on the footpath – everyone will do something special.

“The idea is to make people aware of Mt Hawthorn – show them we are here and what we have to offer.

“For example, we’ve got a lot more bars and cafes now but I don’t think people know about them, unless they’re a local.”

Mrs Burkett, owner of Soletta for six years, added her voice to the Vincent amalgamation campaign.

“To go to Stirling would be a massive backwards step,” she said.

“I don’t see why we have to merge – I just don’t get it.

“And if we do, we all have to go together because Vincent has worked so hard and helped us with so much (including parking and rubbish bin issues and acquiring Christmas lights).”

The Hub initially intended to start a Mt Hawthorn Festival but decided to focus on smaller events.

“If we do have a festival it will be something different – not like all the others,” Mrs Burkett said.

“We were hoping for something that showcases what people actually have here so people want to come and shop here, not just come for a festival.”

Local business owners and residents are encouraged to join the Hub and participate in these and other smaller community events like barbecues.

Membership forms are available in many local stores.

Story by Sara Fitzpatrick, Guardian Express [extracted from www.guardian.inmycommunity.com.au]